WEST PLAINS – The West Plains Waves Swim Club competed in the River City Aquatics (RCA) Igloo Invitational swim meet January 31 – February 2 in Cape Girardeau, MO. Twenty-nine athletes participated in the USA meet with 88 best times and 18 new Waves records.

“It was inspiring to see our athletes compete against larger teams from Cape Girardeau and St. Louis,” said Coach John Niesen. “These young athletes have significantly benefited from year-round training, and we are excited to see them compete at the upcoming Ozark Championships and later as future Zizzer swimmers. Swimming is another great activity for the youth in our community.”

Overall team top point earners for the meet were Evie Niesen with 91 points, Gwendolyn Fiorino with 85, and Josiah Spurling with 81.

“It is encouraging to see these young athletes compete at this level with such determination and sportsmanship,” said Coach Joe Fiorino. “We have a promising group of swimmers that have tremendous potential in high school and even as collegiate athletes. Some of them are already close to making state high school qualifying times at these young ages.”

Top 5 finishes included: Jake Bramwell: 4th in the 50-yard backstroke, 5th in the 50-yard freestyle; Elias Curtis: 5th in the 50-yard butterfly; Gwendolyn Fiorino: 2nd in the 200-yard individual medley (IM), 3rd in the 50-yard butterfly, 4th in 100-yard IM, 5th in the 50-yard breaststroke; Isaac Kammerer: 5th in the 100-yard freestyle, 5th in the 200-yard freestyle; Evie Niesen: 4th in the 100-yard breaststroke, 3rd in the 50-yard freestyle, 2nd in 200-yard breaststroke and 2nd in the 50-yard breaststroke; Libby Peugh: 2nd in the 200-yard breaststroke; Caleb Spurling: 4th in the 50-yard butterfly; Josiah Spurling: 4th in the 50-yard backstroke, 3rd in the 100-yard freestyle, 3rd in 100-yard IM, 2nd in 50-yard freestyle and 2nd in the 100-yard butterfly; Riley Spurling: 4th in the 50-yard backstroke, 5th in the 50-yard butterfly, 3rd in the 100-yard butterfly; Austin Young: 5th in the 200-yard butterfly; Autumn Young: 3rd in the 200-yard backstroke

The following swimmers helped break 18 Waves records in their age division reflecting significant growth and development of the Waves program: 9-10 girls Gwen Fiorino 50-yard butterfly, 200-yard IM; 11-12 girls: Roslyn Fiorino, 50-yard backstroke; 13-14 girls Riley Spurling, 50/100-yard butterfly, Evie Niesen, 200-yard breaststroke; 15-and-older girls: Autumn Young, 1,000-yard freestyle, 50/200-yard backstroke,100-yard breaststroke; 9-10 boys: Josiah Spurling, 50/100-yard freestyle, 50-yard backstroke, 100-yard butterfly, 100-yard IM; 13-14 boys: Elias Curtis, 50-yard backstroke, 50-yard butterfly; 15-and-older boys: Jake Bramwell, 50-yard freestyle.

The Ozark Division I Championships team includes the following athletes: Gwendolyn Fiorino, Roslyn Fiorino, Audrey Land, Avery Miller, Evie Niesen, Josiah Spurling, Riley Spurling, Paige Sheridan, Emma Tugwell, and Austin Young. These 14-year-old and younger athletes qualified for the Ozark Championship meet by achieving a USA swimming BB time cut or faster. They will compete February 28 through March 1, 2020, in St. Peters, Missouri.

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